Evernote Mac 1.3 brings Safari Web Clipping

The fantastic note taking application Evernote has released a major update to the Mac client version.


Evernote is available as a Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac desktop application as well as having a Web Based Application and apps for various phones including the Apple iPhone.

One main improvement with version 1.3 is the new clipper for Safari 3 and 4. This button installs on the toolbar and allows you to clip the current page directly into Evernote. You can select text and click and this copies the text to evernote, just click and the whole page is copied to evernote or shift click and the page is sent to Evernote as a PDF with all the formatting preserved.

Here are the details about the version 1.3 release for the Mac.

Version 1.3.0 (03/09/2009) build 44809

  • Evernote for Mac can now install a native Safari plugin, which makes it easy to clip directly into Evernote while browsing the web using Safari. Includes:
    • Clipping a selected portion of a web page
    • Clipping the entire web page
    • Clipping a PDF snapshot of a full webpage, rendered exactly as it appears in the browser. Shortcut: Shift+click on the Safari Clipper
  • A ‘Merge Notes’ command is now availble in the edit menu and the note list context-menu. This command will merge the contents of selected notes into a new note.
  • Promotions display at the bottom of the left-hand nav.
  • Support for Growl notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where removing *all* tags from a note would not get synced up to the server.
  • Improved performance and stability when syncing several thousand tags from the server.
  • “Show/Hide Info” is now called “More/Less Info”, and new note editor windows are opened with the state set by the user.
  • Fixed an issue where file attachment information would not display correctly inside a note when running on a case-sensitive file system.
  • Fixed Safari 4 Beta compatibility issues. This includes the note search field sporadically selecting all of its text.
  • Fixed a bug in the Evernote AppleScript dictionary, which made scripts that accessed a note’s ‘source url’ property fail to compile.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some images to fail to make it into the note when clipping HTML from a file.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some hyperlinks to get stripped from the note when clipping HTML from a file.
  • Fixed a bug in the thumbnail viewer which would cause the app to crash or stop responding to mouse clicks.

These are all great new additions to what is already an awesome application! Below is a nice video showing the web clipper with Quicknote.

One thought on “Evernote Mac 1.3 brings Safari Web Clipping

  1. Firany

    I’m still wayiting for a design uptade for Evernote. I just can’t stand the way it looks like now. They should either implement proper theme-choosing-engine or redesign the whole thing. The changes they made are very nice but still the design is Evernote’s biggest flaw.

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