Got a Mac – Free up some disk space

Tinker ToolI know a lot of GTD’ers and readers of my blog are Mac users so I thought I would share this little gem with you all.

A friend gave me a great tip that resulted in myfreeing up 4.4 GB of precious hard disk space, purely by removing the unused language files on my MacBook Pro.

Here is what you need to do in order to get this saving..

First, download TinkerTool. Once you have downloaded TinkerTool install it and either use the Eval or go ahead and buy it. I used the Eval mode and it worked fine.

Launch the application, and open the International page.

Select all the languages and then go through and unselect the ones you do need. English is the default language and is automatically unselected. I also unselected British English and US English.

Change the options so you DO remove the spell checker, speech, and summary dictionaries and ensure you compute the storage reduction.

Next, click on the icon with the three dots to open a Finder window and select you Hard Disk.

The “Delete Selected Packages” button is now enabled. Click this and make yourself a coffee as it takes round 10 minutes.

I followed these instructions and freed up 4.4GB, Fantastic!

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