GTD and Productivity Links – 14th September 2008

Well, I completed my 10K run today for cancer research with my wife, Helen. It is the furthest I have ever ran and we did it in 1:07. I was hoping for a time under and hour but we were really held up over the first 3000 meters due to hilly sections and a very narrow path. There were 1200 people running and the hill was a bit of a bottleneck that we got stuck in.

I have loved having this as a goal and it felt great to do it. I will start to look for another physical challenge now.

So, here are some links for this week.

Well, I am shot, and about to go to bed.

Speak to you all next week.

2 thoughts on “GTD and Productivity Links – 14th September 2008

  1. Jared Goralnick

    Thanks for the links–you’re saving me a lot of trouble by distilling these every week. But more importantly, congrats on your longest run to date!

    Keep up with it, running really helps to reset yourself. If it weren’t for running, I don’t know how I’d get through work every day.

    If you’re ever on the other side of the pond near DC, I’ll happily take you on some trails (though the grass isn’t quite as green!)


  2. Andrew Mason Post author


    Thanks for the offer, may have to take you up on that. Just got out of bed and my knees are killing. I am walking like an old man :). Never had any problems with my knees but I guess I put them through it yesterday.

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