Happy New Year

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Let’s try to make 2008 a more productive year than 2007.

For myself 2007 was a very challenging year for me. I left a company which I had founded, and worked on for five years. It was a big decision but the best I had ever made. Sometimes in life you get stuck in a rut, and you need a jolt to get you out of the rut. I had the good salary, pretty good work, close to home, but I was not happy. Things were not being run the way I liked and direction was not heading in the way it should. So, it took a pretty big decision, but totally the right one to jump ship and run with an idea that I had for a new company.

The new company, RandomStorm set sail in May of 2007 and has been going great. It is always slow introducing a new company into established markets but we have managed to obtain a foothold and the future for the company is looking really bright. I have a house, wife, four children and a dog to look after so that always motivates me to succeed. My destiny is my own once again, just the way I like it!

So, I wish you every success in 2008 and hope you keep reading my blog of tips and tricks that I use to manage my extremely busy life!

All the Best

Andrew Mason.

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