iGoogle Procrastinator Clock

iGoogle Procrastinator ClockAlthough it’s a simple enough concept to grasp, setting one’s clock ahead to stay on time can be tricky to actually pull off.

The mind usually pulls through to help us remember that we have tried to trick ourselves and cancels out the entire intended effect which actually making things worse than they were in the first place.

Luckily the iGoogle Procrastinator Clock has been released as an easy solution for the endless quagmire of getting things done on time.

Instead of simply letting our brain’s trust that we have put a clock forward by five or ten minutes, the Procrastinator Clock plays constant tricks on the displayed time in order to ensure that users are unable to rationalize away being late by a few more minutes.

The add-on allows a manipulation period of up to fifteen minutes early to play within so that viewers can never be really certain that their computer clock is showing the correct time. Procrastinator Clock can work a charm for those who remember changing their own displays by ensuring that there is no possibility of knowing exactly how fast the clock really is.

Considering that it’s entirely free of charge, chronic last-minute panic victims really do owe it to themselves to at least take the iGoogle Procrastinator Clock for a spin to see what it can do for their deadlines.

5 thoughts on “iGoogle Procrastinator Clock

  1. Jared Goralnick

    While I don’t think I could find myself using it, it’s a really creative idea. I just need to find one of these for my watch, and desk, and iPod, and car, and… :-). Nice write-up!

  2. Andrew Mason Post author

    @Jared Goralnick:

    Hi Jared, I agree. My watch is always set to the correct time and I pride myself on being organized and I am always on time. I do know people though who set their watches fast so that they prepare earlier, but surely you would just compensate for it and know that it is not really the time.

    Either way, it is a nice little productivity addition to iGoogle.

  3. Beztar Johnson

    This is awesome because I am a real procrastinator and I have tried the trick of setting the clock ahead but I am always remembering that I did that so I still end up being late. This is a brilliant idea.

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