OmniFocus – Nice Overview

One thing I like about blogging, and especially with WordPress is the Trackbacks that you get in the WordPress Dashboard. You can see which other sites and/or bloggers are making reference to your blog posts on their blogs. I have found some great blogs, that have linked to me and I hope that other people, and my readers have found my blog from me referring to other posts which I have read, and pointed to.

One such blog is the GTD and Tech blog from Jens Hjerrild Poder. A bit about Jens..

I am an organizational psychologist and journalist. My primary fields of work include concept development, organizational development & internet business strategy. I am currently employed by the Danish National Broadcasting Corporation as a commissioning editor.

I found a great post from Jens about my current GTD app of choice, OmniFocus. Jens goes through some basics of the app and uncovers some hidden features, like the hidden Switch Button.

Be sure to check out the post, and Jens’ blog.

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