ScribeFire – Blogging Plugin for FireFox

I am writing this post using ScribeFire, a plugin for Firefox that enables you to blog direct from the browser.

I have been using Safari as my browser of choice for the last year or so but Firefox 3 really has got my attention and I feel a switch to Firefox is real close. It is the plugins such as ScribeFire, Delicious, and a host of SEO related tools that really attract me to Firefox.

Check out this great video below for an introduction to ScribeFire and some of the features it brings. It looks like a great tool but one that has to be learned and hopefully it will save me time and improve my writing ability so I blog more.

2 thoughts on “ScribeFire – Blogging Plugin for FireFox

  1. ikd


    I use scribefire with firefox in several platforms (os x, linux, windows) and it is a great tool for composing a post. May I also add that it works nice with zemanta for enhancing the final post before publishing it…


  2. Andrew Mason Post author

    Thanks for the heads up, just checking out Zemanta now and it looks an awesome complimentary tool to use with ScribeFire, thanks.

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