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Be More Productive, buy a Large Monitor….continued

GTD with a large MonitorI wrote a post on the 1st of May about research that showed Large Monitors increased your productivity.

I am writing this on my 17″ MacBook Pro laptop and using the built in screen. I do have a 22″ Dell Monitor at home but the resolution is the same as on my MacBook Pro. I really want an Apple 30″ Cinema display and I have been waiting for what feels like an age for Apple to give it it’s long needed upgrade. I just know that if I spend the £1000 now and buy one, the day after Apple will upgrade it with a brand new shiny model and I will be as sick as a parrot.

Anyway, I was reading a post on Lifehacker about the very same topic and some of the readers comments were very interesting. The common consensus is that large monitors do help with work. Bottom line is that you can align more than one application up, so you are not currently switching between applications which I seem to spend a considerable amount of time doing.

So, do you have a large monitor? and if so, has it made a difference to your productivity?

Would love to hear from you all…

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