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10 Step Course to Simply Get Things Done

One of the most prominent software players in the GTD Market is Michael from Nozbe. Nozbe have just released a ten part video training course on how to get things done that is totally free of charge, even though it does relate to their Nozbe online GTD software.

Who is this course for…?

This course is for anyone who wants to live a more productive and happier life. Anyone. You can be a student, an employee at a small or big company, a junior or senior manager, an executive… anyone who just wants to get more done.

And most of all – you don’t have to know the “Getting Things Done” principles or what “GTD” (abbreviation for Getting Things Done) actually is.

If you want to get more done and be more productive – this course is for you. Period.

Check out the course and I am sure you will agree that this is a great GTD resource.

Thanks, and I hope you are all having productive days.

Getting Things Done GTD on Your iPhone

Just watched this video on YouTube for Nozbe on the iPhone, iNozbe.

Now, I haven't yet played with Nozbe, as I tend to be a bit of an offline app love for GTD and don't really know how the online version would be for myself.

The app seems pretty cool on the iPhone. The fact you have to log in etc.. and the general slow time to get things entered would see me grabbing for my Moleskine anyday!

Anyway, check out the video, and I promise one day to fully review Nozbe