Write To Done – New Blog from ZenHabits

Write to DoneJust thought I would let you know about a new blog from the great productivity blogger at ZenHabits.

The blog is called Writetodone and it is like a GTD blog for writers.

Being a writer myself, I find great interest in blogs such as this. One post I especially love is the post about How to Write First thing in the Morning.

This is something I try to do myself. I live a buys life, and nothing beats setting the “opportunity clock” 30 mins or an hour earlier than usual, so I awake when the house is peaceful. I grab a coffee, and sit down in front of my Mac to write my blog and other work I have to do. I find it much easier to write on a morning than late at night when I am tired. Also, I tend to be more creative on a morning and I am blessed with being a morning person.

Be sure to check the blog out and see what you think…

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