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Great Collection of 100 GTD Links

Whilst catching up with other blog posts, just noticed a great collection of the top 100 GTD Links from BootStrapper. This is a collection of 100 links regarding Getting Things Done, and is separated into categories.

In order to implement the GTD system in your life, we’re helping you out by listing over 100 links to articles, guides, information about special events and other resources related to “Getting Things Done.” Read below to find out more.

I am happy to see that my blog comes in at number 69 on the list.

Check it out..

Shiny New Theme – Illacrimo from Design Disease


Short of paying $1400 for a fantastic Unique Theme from Unique Blog Designs, as done by ShoeMoney, John Chow, and Kieron, I have changed my theme to the Illacrimo Theme from Design Disease.

I spent some time looking around the web for Themes for this blog and was quite surprised how many exist, and also how many of these are quite bad. A lot of the themes require quite a bit of work to get them looking something like.

When the finances permit, I will go for a more unique theme and brand for this site. One alternative I have found to Unique Blog Designs is a service from the UK called PSD2HTML. These guys take a PSD design file and create standards compliant CSS and HTML code. One option they offer is to create a WordPress theme based upon your design. So, you can get a PSD design done the way you like it, and then these guys create you a WordPress template for around $300. Sounds cool and I would love to hear from anybody who has used these.

I would love to hear any comments you have about my new theme and if it works OK with your browsers. I have tested it in most and apart from a problem with the WordPress MORE tag, all seems fine.

Things – GTD System Reviewed at LifeHacker

I mentioned Things, the new Mac GTD application in a previous post.

I have just read a pretty good review of the Alpha release of Things over at

I have briefly toyed with Things, but I am spending a lot of my GTD research time right now still with OmniFocus, which I must admit I am loving and the daily updates are bringing new features to the party all the time.

It is a fantastic time to be a Mac owner, and into Getting Things Done. I cannot wait to fully review all these new GTD applications.

Happy New Year

Here’s wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Let’s try to make 2008 a more productive year than 2007.

For myself 2007 was a very challenging year for me. I left a company which I had founded, and worked on for five years. It was a big decision but the best I had ever made. Sometimes in life you get stuck in a rut, and you need a jolt to get you out of the rut. I had the good salary, pretty good work, close to home, but I was not happy. Things were not being run the way I liked and direction was not heading in the way it should. So, it took a pretty big decision, but totally the right one to jump ship and run with an idea that I had for a new company.

The new company, RandomStorm set sail in May of 2007 and has been going great. It is always slow introducing a new company into established markets but we have managed to obtain a foothold and the future for the company is looking really bright. I have a house, wife, four children and a dog to look after so that always motivates me to succeed. My destiny is my own once again, just the way I like it!

So, I wish you every success in 2008 and hope you keep reading my blog of tips and tricks that I use to manage my extremely busy life!

All the Best

Andrew Mason.