Getting Things Done – What are your Bad Habits?

This is another great video out of the GTD Summit.

This video has snippets from some GTD Summit attendees about their bad habits with relation to GTD. David Allen himself is even interviewed in the video!

I wish I could have been at the GTD Summit, may have to make next year for sure.

What are your bad habits?
I must admit mine is that I can sometimes miss my weekly review, I bet this is a common one..

5 thoughts on “Getting Things Done – What are your Bad Habits?

  1. Michael Deutch

    I had a lot of trouble with weekly reviews. Since the Summit, I’m taking a new approach: divide and conquer! I’ve given myself permission to split my weekly review into at least two days. I used to spend so much time getting clear, that I never found time to get current or creative. I’m excited about this new development & approach 🙂

  2. James @ Organize IT

    I tend to be OK with the weekly review because I use my weekly planner template. I’m forced to do a new one every Sunday (and review the content in the process), otherwise I’d have nothing to work from the following week.

    My own personal bad habit would have to be when it comes to the vertical map (or lack of it). I’ve never really been able to write one down, or get my vision and long term focus down on paper and out of my head.

  3. Michael Deutch

    James, I had that same issue for almost a YEAR! I finally got over my fear of doing it and my life has changed dramatically as a result! It was scary for me to face the difference between where I am and where I want to be. Back in Oct / November, I made the decision to go there and I don’t regret it at all! The map is still evolving but now my life is in much greater alignment! Good luck!

  4. Firany

    My worst habit is that I just can’t work without time pressure. When I’m given a tast and I’m supposed to do it whenever I will not start doing it until the last moment. If I have an hour-long job in 3 hours I’ll not start until 50-45 minutes before deadline. I usualy get things done on time but I should work on doing them the first thing I recieve them.

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