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Mar 30 2009

Getting Things Done – What are your Bad Habits?

This is another great video out of the GTD Summit. This video has snippets from some GTD Summit attendees about their bad habits with relation to GTD. David Allen himself is even interviewed in the video! I wish I could have been at the GTD Summit, may have to make next year for sure. What […]

Mar 23 2009

GTD Summit Interview with Phil Libin of Evernote

As I previously mentioned, the GTD Summit that just happened in San Francisco has resulted in some great online videos. This video is from and is an interview at the GTD Summit with Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote. The video covers the intersection of Evernote and GTD, the use of Evernote around the […]

Mar 17 2009 Interview with David Allen about GTD

There are some great videos coming out after the GTD Summit. I will try to get as many of these on the site as I can so I will start with this one that was recorded before the summit and features an interview with David Allen about his new book, Making it All Work.

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Mar 9 2009

GTD Summit – An Intro From David Allen

Well, it is the 2009 GTD Summit this week in San Francisco. Just thought I would share the intro from David Allen about the conference. I really wish I could go, San Francisco is too far from the UK and I am busy with work I hope some great resources come out of the 2009 […]

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