2 thoughts on “How I Get Things Done Video – Brent Newhall

  1. Zemalf

    I’ve read tons of GTD stuff, but not watched any videos about it. Cool to see how all the folders and stuff works, and not just read and check diagrams! I’ve organized stuff online and digitally. Looking at how Brent works around I think I’ll be incorporating some of the ideas into my office. Whiteboard is a must and I loved the project papers on the wall too

  2. Brent P. Newhall

    Hey, thanks for the mention! Glad to see folks finding it useful.

    Since then, I’ve migrated from the whiteboard to a clipboard, so I can carry my lists around with me at home. Works better; I carry the clipboard into the kitchen, out into the garden, etc.

    I’m always available to answer questions about GTD; see http://brentnewhall.com/contact.html

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