MacHeist Bundle 3 – 12 Mac Apps for $39

MacHeist 3

The MacHeist Bundle 3 is now live and ready to buy!

This is an awesome collection of Mac Apps for $39 with 25% of this going to a charity of your choice!

There are 8 Apps in the initial bundle with a further four getting released as the bundles are sold making a total of 12 Apps for $39.

One of these further four apps is The Hit List, a new GTD App that is similar to Things. The Hit List is currently selling for $69.99 so this in itself makes the bundle a bargain.

Check out all the Apps and the offer over at MacHeist.

2 thoughts on “MacHeist Bundle 3 – 12 Mac Apps for $39

  1. Firany

    I just might get it. I was planning on buying PhoneView and Little Snapper anyway so why not get them in bundle with couple more apps I might somethimes use. And even if I won’t use them all-in-all it’ll be cheaper anyway.

  2. Dylan

    How come apple or other 3rd party app makers do not use bundle themed app sales more often,
    especially when it comes to iphones / touches

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