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iXpenseIt iPhone App – Keep Track of Your Receipts

iXpenseitiXpenseIt is an iPhone application meant to help users to keep track of their daily finances through easy management of purchases and spending patterns.

By making excellent use of the iPhone’s built-in features iXpenseIt can help both organize your expenses and/or get you started on the path toward using any sort of money management tool.

The application keeps records of all inputted purchases and tracks the information in a number of useful manners. Users can choose to view their data through a variety of different displays.

iXpenseIt is capable of creating solid graphs of your spending patterns over whichever range of time you wish to see and thus provides a great manner of creating a visual representation of your finances.

Your data can be exported to your desktop as well, a feature which should help users to archive their spending information into monthly or yearly folders.

iXpenseIt also has the very useful feature of using the iPhone’s built-in camera to capture photos of your receipts so that they can be digitally input before being thrown in the trash.

At $4.99 the iPhone application may be a bit too expensive for some to warrant downloading but it’s a fair price for what the software does manage to pull off. If nothing else, at least the price of the program can be the first item entered into it!