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NetNewsWire iPhone RSS Productivity Tip

I have been using NetNewsWire on my Mac as my main RSS Newsreader for quite a while now.

I love RSS news feeds and I utilize them to make my own tailored news feed, delivering me the news I want every day. I love explaining RSS to people not in the know. It is like taking the parts you like out of every print newspaper and getting it delivered to you daily, free of charge.
NewNewsWire iPhone
NetNewsWire on the iPhone is one of my most used applications on the iPhone. The ability to sync what you have read between the phone and your desktop via the Newsgator sync service is awesome. This means that once you read something on the phone, it is marked as read on your desktop the next time you launch the desktop news client.

I always find a spare five minutes here and there to catch up with reading my news on my iPhone. There has up to now being a slight problem.

I subscribe to a lot of RSS Feeds. Some of the feeds I read religiously, other are mailing lists that I skim for useful information. This is all good on my desktop, but on my iPhone I find it annoying to have to download all the feeds and also the interface on the iPhone is more restrictive and I find myself having to scroll around a lot of the time looking for my “killer feeds”, of which there are probably around 15.

Well, I have just found a little gem of a feature that is available on the iPhone version of the NetNewsWire application. The cool little feature is the ability to choose what feeds you show on the iPhone.

Simply, swipe across the feed that you do not want to show on the iPhone and select delete. You now have the option to remove the feed for good, or to just remove it from the iPhone.

I know this is a little feature, that maybe you already know about but this is a productivity tip that has improved the way I read news.

I have now reduced my feeds from around 80 to my killer 15 that I want to keep up to speed with when I am out and about.

Hope this has been of use, as usual, would love to hear your comments.

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