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Gary VaynerchuckI did a review of Gary Vaynerchuck’s Crush It book a few months ago after I had read it.

Although quite short, I really did like the book and found it very refreshing.

Net at Night is a weekly Podcast that I always listen to that features Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur.

It is a social media podcast and one that I find easy listening and great for keeping up with everything that is happening in the social media space.

I was listening to episode 128, which is quite old now and it featured an interview with Gary Vaynerchuck from

The episode is a great way to catch the passion that Gary puts in to everything that he does.

So, if you have not done already, Check out my review of the Crush It! book and also be sure to listen to Episode 128 of the Net at Night Podcast.

One thought on “Gary Vaynerchuck on Net at Night

  1. Fitness Guy

    Gary Vee sure seems to have made a nother shot at stardom. I am seeing him come up everywhere again including keynoting at SXSW and a couple of bigger webinars or videos

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