iZoho iPhone Application

Zoho is a popular project management program which has only been available for desktop and laptop usage up until last year.

The addition of the iZoho iPhone application is meant to branch the service out to smartphone users who require access to the organizational software while away from the computer.

The release of iZoho effectively boiled down the existing formula of the program in order to provide an optimized experience for mobile users.

This effort has resulted in the iPhone version hosting only document, presentation and spreadsheet access, something which is still fairly impressive but ultimately of lesser worth than competing programs.

Users are able to open, edit or create new Zoho documents and organize their data through this format but are forbidden write authorization for the other two categories.

While it may be useful to view presentation and spreadsheet information the document-only usage of iZoho cuts the service off from being of any real use past a simple convenience for pre-existing Zoho users.

Although there is certainly nothing wrong with iZoho it’s difficult to shake the feeling that there are better uses of your time and effort while perusing the software.

Taken as what it is, iZoho is sufficient as a somewhat limited productivity app but fails in holding itself up against the competition and it’s own, non-mobile renditions.

Do you have any experience with iZoho? Please leave a comment and share if you do.

One thought on “iZoho iPhone Application

  1. Artyom Tarakanov

    Wonderful product! I’m testing it on my iPhone right now and there seems to be a reformatting problem. I opened up the Welcome document and it doesn’t seem to know the boundary limitations (pixel format?) of the iPhone’s display. I only see about 50% of the left portion of the document. I can’t pan the document to the left either. Let’s hope this gets fixed soon because I think Zoho can be the definitive iPhone office webapp!

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