Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 20th June 2010

Happy Fathers Day to all!

My kids got me some great cards and a cooking lesson at a local restaurant. Spent a great day with them and finished it with a great meal at a local Italian restaurant.

Busy week ahead with a lot of planning to do.

Here are my collection of links for this week.

  • My first link for this week is to a great comparison of OmniFocus and Things for Getting Things Done. The link is directly to the PDF file where the author does a pretty good comparison of OmniFocus and Things. I have always stuck to OmniFocus as I am a die hard GTD’er and the author of the comparison agrees a lot with my theory on the subject. As soon as the iPad version of OmniFocus comes out I will write my own comparison.
  • My second link is a link to an excellent post titled 8 Things You Should Store in Evernote. Evernote sure is a life saver for me and I love posts such as this.
  • My third link is to and the 6 Productivity Apps for $55. This is a must buy as you get 12 month subscriptions to Evernote, Remember the Milk, TimeBridge, MindMeister. a 6 month subscription to RescueTime, and a 2 month subscription to ShoeBoxed. Total retail value of $340 for an amazing $55.
  • My fourth link is a link to a nice post called How to tell when GTD and eProductivity really works. If only I could get my wife so organized!
  • My fifth and last link is to part 4 of a 14 part series from the Christian Science Monitor where they are discussing the Getting Things Done book by David Allen. This fourth installment is titled Getting things done 101: setting up the time, space, and tools. This is an excellent series and well worth the time investment.

Hope you all have a great week ahead!

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