The Way I Get Things Done – Jon Larkowski

I blogged on Wednesday of this week about a GTD Video featuring Jon Larkowski.

Well, Jon contacted me on Twitter and passed me the link to his blog post with a video of his full GTD Presentation from earlier on in the year.

This is a GTD talk in the Pecha Kucha format, a japanese invention. The term literally translates to β€˜the sound of conversation.’ The format is explicit and constraining. A speaker supplies 20 slides. Each slide is displayed for 20 seconds. The result is a focused six minute and forty second talk on a topic.

Great presentation and thanks Jon for the heads up!

3 thoughts on “The Way I Get Things Done – Jon Larkowski

  1. Todd V

    Excellent presentation. Makes me wonder how many days and hours could be saved if *every* powerpoint / keynote presentation was put on a 20 second interval!! Very nice.

  2. Helen

    This is amazing. Such a complete presentation, in only 6 minutes. Never thought this is possible, because i am used to long presentations, too many details, with many interruptions…and all of these are he only reasons that make some presentations boring. I will suggest his video o my acquaintances! πŸ™‚

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