WritingPad iPhone Application Review

Writing PadWritingPad is one of the many iPhone productivity applications designed to encourage users to keep notes through easy, convenient and even fun access to their program.

Using ShapeWriter technology, WritingPad is able to provide iPhone owners with a great method of organization and outlet for every idea or idea in need of remembrance.

The application allows for a sort of short-hand version of typical note-taking which makes it into an invaluable tool for meetings, lectures or any other situation where a memo is in order but time and concentration are scarce.

WritingPad’s ShapeWriter system works incredibly well and allows users to transcribe their thoughts much faster than that which is possible via traditional means. The software recognizes a user’s writing of letter or number shapes and interprets them into clean, easily read computer text.

In addition to this, WritingPad also uses an ‘Add Word’ feature which functions in a similar fashion as the T9 anticipation of cell phones, recording and suggesting typically used words and phrases to further increase the speed of typing.

It can be extremely handy for iPhone users to be able to take notes without having to rely on a virtual keyboard to get things inputted to the device. The fact that WritingPad is free to download makes it at least worth a shot for anybody who finds themselves taking frequent notes and would rather speed up the process through their iPhone.

Do you have any experience in using WritingPad? If so, I would love to hear from you.

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