Did I Get Things Done in 2008?

Here we are at the end of another year.

This has been a challenging year for me with some great things and some not so great thing been thrown at my by life. Business has been good, and my company is growing and looks forward to an even better 2009.

I feel like my productivity has really come on leaps and bounds in 2008. I am one of those people who have to be productive. Productivity is essential for me to keep my head above water and to give me the quality of life that I demand.

This blog has grown from 1000 readers to around an average of 2600 readers. I want to get this to 3000 in the New Year so please help me by subscribing via RSS if you do not already. I hope you have all enjoyed my blog over the past year and I hope to make 2009 even better.

I will leave you now with the top 5 posts of 2008, based upon readership.

Enjoy New Years Eve and see you all next year!

5 thoughts on “Did I Get Things Done in 2008?

  1. ikd


    Hope the new year 2009 is even more prosperous, productive, happy than 2008. You have posted some interesting and thought provoking articles on productivity and gtd. Please, keep them coming.

    Happy gtd year,


  2. Andrew Mason Post author


    Thanks for the kind words. One thing is sure, 2009 will be what we make it, and I am aiming to make it a great year!


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