4 thoughts on “How a YouTube User Got Things Done – Part One

  1. John B. Kendrick

    Looks like a great deal of redundancy. That is the reason I like to use an electronic GTD. The application I use allows me to view my entire GTD at work on my Win machine, at home on my Macs and even on my cell phone. And another app lets me call in tasks to my GTD without any writing or typing, great for those thoughts that hit me while driving. I’ve written about my experiences with GTD in a blog post at http://johnkendrick.wordpress.com/2008/03/27/more-getting-things-done/ John

  2. Andrew Mason Post author


    I agree, I could not live without my electronic GTD system but one of the great things about GTD is the fact that it is a framework that can be mapped onto whatever way you want to implement it. It is about the methodology more than the tools.

    Still, being a techie geek, I love all the shiny GTD apps and gadgets 🙂


  3. Paul Ayling AKA jimmy Yukka

    I have used a few electronic management systems for GTD. Nozbe, things, and remember the milk. In the end I have found that they just do not work for me. At work I am 100% on paper at home I use things for tasks that are stored weekly and paper for daily tasks. I know the theory but I just find capture of tasks is quicker on paper and I get more done that way.I also use a pocketmod (http://www.pocketmod.com/) in my wallet for things I have to do during the day at work that are not work related.

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